About Us

After years of research and development we are now among the top prepressing companies in the country.

Our Main Production

Our main production consists of high-quality magnesium and brass plates destined for hot foil stamping, embossing and other printing applications.


Years of experience and strict quality testing.

Strict quality testing and a continuous investment in improving our work, provide the manufacturing of high-quality prepressing materials in both domestic and international level.

We invest in raw materials of the highest standards and in combination with years of production research we make sure that the final product is suitable for use. Years of experience, the trust of our loyal customers and our love for innovation are the profile of Spitieri Cliché.


Aiming at future challenges with a smile.

Development is vital to the sustainability and well being of a company, especially in the ever more demanding field of Graphic Arts.

We move forward in perfect understanding of the requirements of a modern workplace, with respect towards the customer and his unique needs, trying to improve every aspect of our production and upgrade our equipment, without forgetting to aim for the future and the most welcome challenges it holds.

We are a Greek, third-generation, family business and this stands as proof for our credibility and devotion to our craft.


Manufactured Cliché in 2022


International orders per year


Years of experience

Customer Loyalty

Our Customers

Many of our customers trust Spitieri Cliché for over 20 years.

It is a special honor for us that many of our clients trust Spitieri Cliché for over 20 years. Their trust is proof of our stability but also a hope for a booming Hellenic market, through cooperation and mutual respect.


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